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Website & Marketing Resources

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out everything on your own. The tools below are what I use for this website, my clients and I highly recommend them. In some cases, I get a little referral income for you using my affiliate link so assume all links are affiliate links.


Website Hosting

I recommend DreamHost because you can quickly setup a WordPress website with their “1 click install” and be ready for the world in minutes. What’s more, they are also a premier host for WordPress and is recognized as such on the official WordPress website.


Email Marketing

Building an email list is crucial to stay in contact with your customers, clients, and fans. ConvertKit is hands-down the most simple, easy-to-use email marketing platform that I use and recommend other use.


Landing Page Software / Marketing Funnels

There are tons of companies that build landing page software to help you get more sales, leads, and customers. If you’re unfamiliar with what landing pages do, just think of a time where you might have downloaded a “free report” or “cheatsheet,” more than like you visited a landing page optimized to have you enter your email in order to get the download.


Content Management System

WordPress is a platform you can use to build your website quite easily and it’s free. It’s the most widely used (free) content management system (CMS) in the world and great for small to large websites.