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The Business of Breakthrough

How do you build a breakthrough in your business?

You’ve worked hard and your business is taking off. Like a plane tons of energy was used getting your business off the ground but before you knew it, you’re airborne!

Still, you’re not where you need to be. You might even find yourself unable to soar, getting stuck in the everyday turbulence of running a business.

Sound familiar?

Would you like to know THE most important thing in business?
(Psst: It’s not the things you think you should be doing.)

I’m here to help YOU lift your business to clear skies and smooth soaring.

I’m here to help YOU get past all the things that clutter up your day-to-day operating so you can focus on building your business.


“To breakthrough you have to be intentional and be willing to be seen as different.”

When I started my business there were so many things to do!

I’d often get caught up in the whirlwind of busy (but necessary) work like replying to emails, invoices, random social media posts, network meetings, printing business cards, etc.)

I quickly realized all this busywork was zapping my time and energy. I would spend my time and energy on a thousand little tasks without addressing the most important thing: knowing where my next sale would come from.

I soon discovered that without LEAD FLOW I would run out of resources and my business (let’s be honest, my livelihood) wouldn’t be around for long.

I discovered there’s a specific reason jet planes don’t hang around low altitudes for long after takeoff.

They elevate fast because it’s a way for them to actually fly longer, smoother, and more efficiently. It’s the same for your business.

But the question remains: how do I ELEVATE my business?

It starts with a change in perspective.

A realization that marketing IS your business. Without marketing, most businesses are doomed to fail after a really turbulent ride. 

What do I mean? 

Take public speakers, for example. Often they will approach their business like they are a speaker who needs to market their speaking

Actually, it’s the reverse: they need to think of themselves as marketers who have expertise in speaking.

Catch the difference? This mental shift is the boost YOU need to ELEVATE! 

I break it down in a few steps (as well as how to do it with social media). 

  • Have an offer that converts ( <–learned this from my coach James Schramko)
  • Use FREE TRAFFIC to TEST your offer on an audience
  • Use PAID TRAFFIC to scale up your leads
  • Use BRAND TRAFFIC to leverage the best of both worlds.